Looking at the best car sales in the UK

According to the latest figures Ford Fiesta was the best sold car in Britain, and hatchbacks were the most popular cars in UK. The most popular categories of car sales in UK were city cars, SUVs and small cars, and while the market generally experienced a slow downturn last year, the SUVs saw an increase in purchases. They account for about 20% of the market. One significant growth can be see in the hybrids and electric vehicles sales, which grew with almost 35%. Although the market share of these types of vehicles saw an increase meaning that UK buyers are more conscious when it comes to cleaner more environmentally friendly technologies, the less than 5% market share means it will take a while until we’ll have an alternative fuel car in the top 10 UK sales list.

The latest tax increases for diesel cars, coupled with an uncertain political climate due to the Brexit translated into a sharp decline in diesel car sales, along with a decline in new car sales, might explain why less costly to run smaller cars were the best car sales in UK.

banner12This did not happen though to alternatively fueled cars, zero emission cars being tax exempt, making them a serious contender when deciding what car category to choose from.

The government’s target of no more pure fossil fuel cars to be sold after 2040 makes hybrid cars an even more appealing choice, and with the current extensive range of prestigious manufacturers and models this shouldn’t be a challenging option as it used to be.

Models like Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Volvo XC90 T8 are a great choice when it comes to SUVs, with Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Volkswagen Golf GTE and the BMW i3 cover the small size cars segment with great features and equipment.

Last year we saw the same ratio of 3 to 1 in favor of used cars sales, and you should be aware that while buying a brand new car will offer some real benefits, as expected, choosing to buy a used or almost used one can be a wiser decision after all.

In case you consider choosing a new car makes more sense to you, you should consider buying a pre-registered car instead of buying one from the factory, costing hundreds or thousands less than a factory ordered one.

New cars take the biggest depreciation hit so buying a used one can take care of that, but you will most likely encounter some problems with them as they are starting to show signs of wear and tear, and are also more likely to have higher costs in terms of fuel and road tax for cars with higher CO2 emissions and fuel consumption.

But the numbers are speaking for themselves and used or almost new cars represent still the best car sales in UK.

If an efficient small town car is what you are looking for, a 1 liter or smaller engine will give you enough power to drive in the city. Although it can cope with driving on the motorway too, a small engine when traveling at higher speeds too often will have much higher cots because it will work harder.

Fuel costs, regulations and taxes drives car manufactures to come up with smaller car engines or with fewer cylinders, so this should be a very important aspect in your purchasing decision as well.