Creative new outdoor space with rooftop conversions

When you live in a densely populated area, like London, space is limited and expensive. Moving to a new bigger house is not always an option, so house extensions are one way of getting more space. But that would take away from your land. You can get more space, when needed, by building upwards and doing a loft conversion. This way you are using the existing structure of the house, which is more effective.

There are many creative ways you can plan your loft conversion. Many people are looking at gaining some extra outdoor space, and these cases, rooftop conversions are a great choice. Your conversion should be a bespoke solution adapted to your needs and your house design and the area you are living in. Each house is different and comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities. If you live in a conservation area, or a listed property, then there are some limitations to what you can do.

But a team of experienced tradesmen can come with a good working solution for any case. A loft conversion adds extra usable space to a house, with low costs and fast construction times. It will be away from the traffic and pollution, giving you a fresh new view especially if you have nice large windows. Fitting your loft with a roof terrace can give that extra outdoor space. Even if it’s a small one, you will still have an enjoyable space you can fit to your taste. Add a bistro table and a few chairs and you have your coffee and relaxation area.

With a dual design, you can use rooftop conversions to connect two apex areas of your roof, or cut into a mansard space to create the additional outdoor space. The newly added indoor and outdoor space through a loft conversion can increase the quality of life for the inhabitants. More than that, it will increase the value of the property quite significantly, especially for areas where land is valuable. Your conversion must be done by professionals who can guide you when it comes to permitted development and lawful development.

Any conversion must follow building regulations, ensuring it meets all the safety and living standards. Your conversion must fit with the house design, the area you live in, and not raise complaints from your neighbors. Learn about the types of loft conversion you could choose for your home and seek professional advise to get the best solution for your needs. Start with what your living needs are, what this new extra space is going to be? A new room, a home office, a playroom, storage space?

Does adding a bathroom and an outdoor terrace create more value by increasing the livability and market appeal of the house? If yes, then you should include such great features as well. Think about the nice and practical ways of decorating your new terrace. Choose the chairs and tables that would go with the design and available space. Don’t forget about adding some potted plants and lights that would increase the charm of the terrace!